Book Description and Back Cover

Coming up with a catchy book description for the back cover is a surprisingly daunting challenge.  You have to come up with something interesting and catchy, yet not blow the plot of your book.  You need to grab a potential reader right from the get-go….  How much information is too much information?  I deemed my first attempt too vague.  I knew it was more of a placeholder than an actual finished product.  After a few days thought, I have come up with something much better.  It is better, but I don’t know if it is “all the way there”, yet.

Anyway, here it is:

There is a vast city, long forgotten and lost to time. On the surface, it is a city not unlike any other metropolis – every city has secrets hidden in the shadows. Something or someone has been manipulating both time and the lives of the city’s residents. Could a mysterious criminal figure with the supernatural ability to grant ‘favors’ be behind the time-shifts?
It is 1935 and Detective Mike Travis has caught a new homicide case; one which could bury him. What does this murder victim have to do with a city spiraling out of control and how does a seemingly unrelated murder investigation from twenty years before fit into the puzzle?
Jake Browne, a piano-player recovering from a heroin addiction is beginning to realize his side-gig as a messenger for a shadowy figure may not be in his best interests. He befriends, Isaac Midnight, a fellow musician and the newest member of the shadowy figure’s network of foot soldiers. Can the two musicians do anything to warn the public?
Trapeze-artist, Grozdana Sirakova is a victim of the shadowy figure. She was the beneficiary of one of the ‘favors’ and now finds herself indentured as a sort of bounty-hunter. She has taken it upon herself to discover the identity of the man behind her current situation and put an end to his reign.
Jackson Cooper was an award-winning investigative journalist with an unparalleled instinct for finding a story. Unknown events over the course of his career led to his craving for gin. He has lived with secrets for twenty-years and he has had enough. Barely functioning, he has maintained his reputation thanks to the gutsy antics of his talented secretary, Emma McCarty.
As a hidden war for the city is being fought, a seemingly innocent young woman finds herself drawn into these events. In a city rife with crime and corruption, is anyone really an innocent?
As events come to a boil, a washed-up detective, two musicians, a trapeze artist, an alcoholic journalist and his secretary must put the clues together to discover the identity of the mysterious man known simply as, “The Augury”. This odd assortment of characters is no one’s choice to save the city, but heroes are born of circumstance, not chosen…

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