The PROOF is in the pudding

cover proof

After a few days of eager anticipation, the proof of Nighthawks arrived last night.

First Impression:  Even though I knew the dimensions and measured it out on a ruler, the physical book is a little bigger than I expected.  This is neither a good nor bad thing, just a casual observation.  I really like the cover art and layout…really like it.  During the initial design process I was not completely sold on the font.  I liked the subtitle font…just wasn’t sure of the main title font.  I now will admit I quite like it.  The back cover artwork is equally pleasing, although I am leaning toward re-writing the plot synopsis on the back.

The internal printing looks good.  I am happy with the spacing and overall layout.  I think I may adjust the chapter leads; creating more space between the chapter title and the body.  A minor quibble, but I think it may improve the visual aspect a little.

Overall Impression:  I am beyond happy with the proof. There is something extremely satisfying about holding a physical copy of something you committed so much time and energy into creating.

Now comes the drudgery of scanning line by line for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors (This has already been done twice during the initial process — one more pass never hurt anyone).  Not fun, by any means, but necessary to put out the best representation of my product.

Off I go to edit, edit, edit…


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