Review: The Lost Orphans – The Beginning by J.S. Donovan



A murder twenty-five years forgotten, a female detective with the ability to communicate with the dead, and a killer without boundaries clash in the heart of winter.

It’s Christmas, and there’s been another murder. Rachel Harroway, a homicide detective gifted in the arts and communication with the dead, tracks a serial killer lurking in the shadows for the last twenty-five years. The closer Rachel gets to solving the mystery, the more the unforgiving Appalachian winter weather and supernatural energies push back, forcing Rachel to decide how far she’ll go for a man society has forsaken.


I can’t put my finger on it, but something kept my interest in the story. I’m just not sure what it was. The plot resembles an episode of “Criminal Minds”, but with ghosts (“Orphans” as they are called in the book). This is the first of the series I have read, but there is something here. The scenes with the “orphans” are atmospheric, sometimes gory, and possess a well-crafted creepiness to them. The book seemed to be building tension nicely over the first half of the book, but then got in way too much of a hurry to resolve the story in the second half. I wish the author had taken the time to maintain the slow-build throughout the book, instead of rushing the end. Despite the flaws, I like the idea and will check out the next story in the series.

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