“Isolation (n).” paperback now available

Since the beginning of human consciousness there have been certain primal fears instilled in us and passed down through the generations.  These fears range from the basic fear of the dark to the complex fear of death and what may be beyond. Of these fears, the fear of isolation is king.  Humans are a social species, relying on one another for survival.  Complex social structures evolved to cope with this fear.  Isolation from the group meant certain death for early man.  Society has evolved, technological advances focus on inter-connection with others.  Isolation is no longer a death sentence, but the deep-seeded fear remains in us all.

Some seek out isolation.  Some are forced into a state of isolation by factors beyond their control.  Still others have it forced upon them by society.  The five stories in this collection share the common theme of what isolation, in one form or another does to the human psyche.  Madness, murder, greed and paranoia are the resulting outcomes for the characters of these stories.  Some are horrific, while others offer hope.  It is all in how each character adapts and copes with the circumstances they find themselves in.

The collection ends with a bonus.  The first chapter from the forthcoming novel, Devlin: A Book of the Broken is included.  It tells the tale of the hired killer known only as Devlin before the events of Nighthawks: A Book of the Broken.  It is included here, because of the shared theme of isolation.  Devlin has cut himself off from society and has lost touch with what makes him human.  He is a killer with a deluded sense of moral superiority.

My new short-story collection is now available at Amazon and Millhaven Press.

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