First 5 Star Review for “Nighthawks”

Just got a 5-Star review on Amazon.  I’m really proud of the book and really appreciate what the reviewer had to say about the world I am creating…

“Nighthawks : A Book of the Broken is an interesting genre blending story. The book combines crime noir with paranormal fantasy to create a different kind of world. The author weaves a multitude of characters’ stories together to eventually form a combined narrative . Each character takes center stage for portions of the book, allowing for a fleshed-out depth to each of them. There are no cookie-cutter good guys or bad guys. The characters are well drawn and there is enough substance that most of them would make great main characters in future books. As good as the characters are, the real main character of the book is the city itself. It is an unnamed metropolis rife with crime and corruption. Something has gone terribly wrong in this city and it is starting to show.

Several of the characters start putting pieces of the mystery together and form a plan to save their city. It is then, the story introduces a lengthy flashback. The tone of this section completely changes. The first part of the book is a violent, slang-riddled, dark fantasy. The flashback presents itself as more of a straightforward murder mystery. Even the chapter titles change in tone. They are fantastical for the first part, and more utilitarian in the flashback sequence. Once the flashback is over, the reader is back to the 1935 present, wondering what the connection between the two time periods is.

It doesn’t take long for the reason for the flashback to make itself known. At this point, the reader is left with more questions than answers. The end of the book intricately connects all the story lines in a satisfactory conclusion, while leaving plenty unanswered for sequels. Interspersed among the story are “Interludes” and a “Postlogue” which hint at an even older beginning than the flashback.

It is a creative and complex first novel by this author and is a good read for anyone who likes to try to “figure” everything out before the end…you won’t!”

It means a lot after all of the hard work I put in to making, what I hope is a complex and interesting world…

You can get it at my store Millhaven Press

you can get it here at Amazon

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  1. alexandrareads says:

    Seems like a really good idea. Can’t wait to get the book and read it.

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    1. Thanks,
      The first book is very character dense, but the storyline thins the characters out in subsequent books. Since time is fluid in these books, a lot of them manage to be sequels and prequels simultaneously. I would love to hear what you think, if you get around to giving it a read…

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      1. alexandrareads says:

        I won’t forget to share my thoughts and opinions on the book if I ever get around to reading it.


  2. Congrats! It’s adjusts nice when someone enjoys your work, isn’t it?

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  3. Andy McKell says:

    Congratulations and here’s to many more fives!

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