I May Have Forgotten What Free Time Is…

So, it turns out that writing a novel (second in the Books of the Broken series) and starting a genre-based quarterly print magazine consumes a little bit of time.  Okay, maybe more than a little bit of time.  Okay, it takes up all my free time…and a little more time that isn’t what one would consider “free time”.  I mean, do you really need to spend all that time on sleeping?

Well, “Millhaven’s Tales of Wonder” is complete, and very nearly printed (just awaiting a proof to make sure it doesn’t look like total crap).  The process was smooth…for the most part.  I had enough accepted story submissions to fill the issue (it was a close call, though).  The cover artist turned in his final work well ahead of schedule — praised be _____________ (insert preferred deity here).

The second novel, Devlin: A Book of the Broken is well on its way…just over the structural halfway point.  I thought I’d have enough time to finish writing it this winter/early spring, but then…the magazine decided to start clamoring for attention, like a middle child eager for his parents’ attentions (my apologies if I offended any middle children out there).

No sooner had I sent of the first issue for printing…then my e-mail box began getting submissions for the second issue, “Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense”.  So, it’s time to start with the “acceptance” and “rejection” e-mails.  Writing a rejection e-mail may be worse than receiving one (not really, but it’s still not easy).

So, I guess while I am venting over the loss of my free time, I may as well do a little advertising so I won’t feel like I am wasting the time I no longer can call my own.  I am looking for unpublished stories for the summer issue.  The theme is mystery/crime/detective/espionage and the like.

If you have a story centering on a detective with a quick wit and a quicker tongue, we want it.

If you have a heist story where everything goes wrong and its filled with double and triple crosses, we want it.

If there is an unsolvable mystery which is solved by a super sleuth (Sherlock — yes, we are on a first name basis) or pure dumb luck (I’m looking at you, Willie Klump — if you got this reference, you really should send us something), we want it.

If your story involves a secret agent saving the world with only his wits and daring, we want it.

If your story has “disappearance”, “murder”, “mystery”, “heist”, or “case of” in the title we want it

If your story is nothing like the scenarios listed above, we want it…probably.  As long as it has some form of crime or mystery involved.

You can find out all the information you need at:

Millhaven Press

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