First Issue of “Millhaven Tales” is available for Pre-Order

The very first issue of “Millhaven Tales”!!!
“Millhaven’s Tales of Wonder” is the first of a quarterly anthology magazine focusing on different genres as the seasons change. The Spring ’18 issue is filled with stories of a science fiction or fantasy nature. Eight intriguing stories by relatively new authors.
An interesting take on alien visitation reminiscent of a 1950’s “flying saucer” film with one of those oh, so awkward moments.
What if the afterlife isn’t so different from this one?
Is a reclusive hermit paranoid or is he being stalked by a bogeyman from his childhood?
Follow a small robot on a journey of self-awareness and sexual awakening.
An Egyptian god makes a fairytale world his home, offering up a gift to the residents, but is this gift a blessing or a curse?
An entomologist is on the hunt for an elusive insect, but he stumbles into the wrong hunting grounds.
An expedition in a fantastical world seeks to find the truth behind their gods.
A society ruled by a conglomerate focused on vicious domination and the man who may be their savior.
Welcome to the world of Millhaven, a sometimes terrifying, sometimes comical place…

Stories by:

J. Manfred Weichsel
Robert Faulk
Jeffrey L. Blehar
Mason Darling
Felicia Huffman
Russell Doyle
Tyler J. Ladd

Street Date of April 1st, 2018  — pre-order yours now at Millhaven Press

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