Review: The Sting of the Silver Manticore by P.J. Lozito

“He Hunts the Most Dangerous Prey Alive! His Mission: To fight Criminals and villains who are out to destroy our society! Beware all Who Commit Evil! For You Shall Feel THE STING OF THE SILVER MANTICORE!

Created and written by P.J. Lozito, THE STING OF THE SILVER MANTICORE is an homage to classic Pulp masked heroes and other such archetypes that populate Pulpdom! Written with the fast pace and tommy gun delivery New Pulp is known for, THE STING OF THE SILVER MANTICORE is a tale of action, adventure, thrills, and suspense, all centered around a Hero For the Ages! Feel THE STING OF THE SILVER MANTICORE now from Pro Se Press! Puttin’ The Monthly Back Into Pulp!”

Hmmm…the jury seems to be split on Lozito’s Silver Manticore.  There are some negative reviews calling the work a “Knock-off” of old pulp heroes.  DO NOT let this criticism dissuade you…it’s an homage to those very characters.  It’s supposed to remind the readers of those heroes, villains, and stories and I think Lozito does a masterful job achieving this goal.  So, what some see as a negative, I wholly embrace as a huge positive.

The other main criticism is the grammar and technical issues.  This is a legitimate criticism (‘then’ and ‘than’ get switched on more than one occasion — as an example).  It’s not horrible, but it’s there.  If these types of mistakes are too much for you, you may want to avoid this installment (I haven’t read the others yet — but I intend to).  If you can see by the occasional blunder and you love old adventure stories, then you really should give this series a go…it is a lot of fun (over-the-top action, characters, and plot…I love it).

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