“Devlin” paperback and e-book now available

“Devlin: A Book of the Broken” is now available at Millhaven Press and on Amazon.

“Devlin” is the second volume in the Watchmaker’s Saga.  Given the unpredictable nature of time in the City, it is both a prequel and a sequel to “Nighthawks”

Killer-for-hire Bryant Devlin is on the run from his former gang in Denver. It is a frantic cross-country scramble for survival — a scramble Devlin intends on winning.
Unbeknownst to him, the game has already been played and the outcome decided. As he desperately tries to evade his pursuers and escape to a better life in France, the supernatural pull of the City has targeted the trained killer.
The City is at war. A power-hungry criminal known as The Augur has been consolidating power in the absence of The Watchmaker.
The Watchmaker’s mysterious associates have broken with tradition and decided to involve themselves in the war for the City and Bryant Devlin may be just the pawn they need…


Millhaven Press

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