A little renovation never hurt anyone…

The past couple of months have been a juggling routine over at Millhaven Press .  In the juggling, the Books of the Broken WordPress site got neglected.  I feel bad about it and I am now in a position to rectify much of that neglect.

The Books of the Broken blog was initially started to help me figure out the kind of narrative voice I wanted to give the series (“Nighthawks” and “Devlin” are both available).  It was and still is a massive undertaking…the complex nature of the City and its residents calls for painstaking outlining.

“I loved the book, but have never had to take notes when reading for fun before,” was an actual statement from a reader.  Whoops.  I wanted to create a complex world using the clichés and fundamental themes of my favorite writers, while trying to dig deeper.  Nearly every character is based on a figure from a classic crime book or film…and some from fairytales to boot (I did concentrate on folklore for my anthropology degree after all).  I took those character bases and spun them off in a different direction (I hope).

As I was working on the first “Broken” book, the idea of Millhaven was born.  As Millhaven co-opted the Books of the Broken blog a problem arose.  The Broken world and the World of Millhaven are not synonymous.  The Broken world is but a small part of the Millhaven world.

Millhaven is a place of modern stories (no matter their setting) crafted by writers influenced by the pulp writers of generations past.  It is not an attempt to re-capture those times, but take the influences and move forward with genre fiction that seems to be a tad stuck in the mud.

Not every horror story needs a zombie or vampire.  Not every fantasy needs wizards or elves.  Not every space story needs an evil empire or galactic overlord.  While there is nothing wrong with any of these in a microcosm, oversaturation and disinterest is the inevitable outcome.  There must be more.  That is where Millhaven comes in.  Our goal is not to be the most popular outlet (some sales are always nice, though), but always waiting beneath the “new it” trends providing quality and imaginative fiction to those hungry for something different…something just a little off-center…a little weird.

This is my long-winded way of letting readers of this blog that “Books of the Broken” is now the official home of all things Millhaven…

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