“Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense” available for Pre-order

The second installment of “Millhaven Tales” is available for pre-order at Millhaven Press.  This anthology features nine stories of mystery, crime, and espionage.

A gang of young thugs get more than they asked for when interrupted by “Old School”.

When a friend is charged with murder, can a cupcake baker in sleepy Nantucket discover the identity of the real murderer?

An ambitious District Attorny bites off more than he can chew when he takes on a multi-generational crime family.

A body discovered at the city zoo leads two detectives to discover there is more going on in their city than either could have imagined (a stand-alone story from the “Books of the Broken” series).

A vigilante gets tough with a criminal underworld using a pizza place as a front for their dirty work.

Jealousy, revenge, and cheating spouses take center stage in a “Hitchcockian” tale of suspense.

A small unit of specialized soldiers save the world in this “alternate reality WWII” story.

A story of underworld poker shows you just can’t trust anyone in Millhaven’s first tale from the U.K.

The final story, inspired by the cover (or vice versa) is a fitting tribute to the cases of Phillip Marlowe or the Continental Op.

Welcome to the world of Millhaven, a sometimes terrifying, somtimes comical place…

Stories by:

Donnie Swafford

Felicia Huffman

Jimmy Jones

Jeffrey L. Blehar

Jon Mollison

Duncan Kingsley

Charlie Boyles

Dave Higgins

Mark Gunk

Cover by Mark Gunk

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