Summer Giveaway at Millhaven Press

This summer (starting today!) Millhaven Press will be giving away one free classic/semi-classic/obscure pulp book with the purchase of a Millhaven Press release.

You will receive one random book with your order.  You may end up with a Mike Shayne mystery, a plot to take over the world by Fu Manchu, a western tale of revenge, an Edgar Rice Burroughs/Frank Frazetta cover adventure, a tale of the distant future, amongst others…it’s a surprise!  Most of the books are 1950’s but may range 1930’s-1970’s (with some Burroughs’ editions being 1980’s) — conditions are good considering their age, but vary.

With every order of a Millhaven Press release at Millhaven Press you will get one book all through the summer (or while supplies last).  That includes: Millhaven’s Tales of Wonder, Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense, Nighthawks, or Devlin.

Offer available only on orders through

This is our way to say thank you to our readers and to say thank you to all the past writers who have influenced our current contributors.

Check out the store: Millhaven Press Online Store

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