New Anthology: Submissions needed

Due to the unbelievable response we have had to our “Millhaven’s Tales of Terror” submission call, we were able to launch the “Fierce Tales” anthology series with “Shadow Realms”, featuring nine amazing dark fantasy tales. We are also happy to announce yet another anthology born of the response. We are also releasing an anthology of tales featuring houses, buildings, and rooms.
We are looking for three (we have six great stories already lined up!) tales featuring haunted houses, locked-room mysteries, or any other type of story in which a structure or room is central to the plot. These can be horror, mystery, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, drama, comedy…you name it.
Stories need to be 3,000-10,000 words long and submitted to Compensation is 8% net sales on every book sold (payable quarterly). There is no submission closing date because we only need three stories and when we get them, that’s it…
Feel free to direct any further questions to
This anthology is not part of the “Millhaven Tales” magazine or the “Fierce Tales” series. This is a special one-off anthology due out late fall.

untitledFierce Tales Shadow Realms Covertext1.jpg

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