Tired of Story Rejection?

Do you have a story you have written that you really like, but it has been rejected everywhere you have submitted?  Give Millhaven Press a try.

I am trying to put together a quarterly print magazine of new stories inspired by (but not limited to) the pulp magazines of the past.  Each quarter will focus an a specific group of genres.  Right know I am looking for Action/Adventure/Western stories for the winter issue and Science fiction/Fantasy stories for the spring issue.  I am also looking for art for the magazines, as well.

Compensation is royalty based and breaks down as follows:

  1.  50%  (after cost) split evenly amongst contributors.
  2.  10% (after cost) to cover artist (plus $25 flat fee upon acceptance of cover art).
  3. 40% (after cost) to design/layout and nonfiction pieces.

Each issue will be for sale for roughly three months, and payments will be issued via paypal on the first business day of the following month (each contributor would get three payments).

Obviously, this means the more issues sold, the higher the compensation.

you can send story submissions or further questions directly to millhavenpress@gmail.com

or you can go to the website:

Millhaven Press


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