Millhaven Press’ Christmas Sale Has Begun!

Every release from Millhaven Press is on sale for the holidays!  If you like genre fiction, be sure to take advantage of this sale.  Now through Christmas Day, everything is discounted.


The first three issues of Millhaven Tales are available in paperback for $6.00 ($.99 e-book) each!

Millhaven’s Tales of Wonder (Volum I, Issue 1)
Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense (Volume I, Issue 2)
Millhaven’s Tales of Terror (Volume I, Issue 3)


The first two volumes of the “Fierce Tales” fantasy anthology series are available for $9.00 paperback ($.99 e-book)

Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms
Fierce Tales: Savage Lands


“Home Sweet Home: A Millhaven Anthology” is available for $7.00 paperback ($.99 e-book)

Home Sweet Home


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